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How about some pictures?

This one is more than obvious!

This guy is just a jerk...enough said!

His own fans don't call him AssBert for nothin'!

New York Skankee=Ratface Posada

Does his initials stand for Annoying Jackass? Maybe so!

No, his name is NOT A-God! More like A-Fraud!

This one made the Dislike List because he's an ignorant ass...just ask any Tucson Sidewinders fan!

J.D. Drew...showing his true self...a total ass!!!

And of course, Randy Choke....I mean CHOATE...I like Choke better though!

Jeff Kent and his smug look...I just want to slap it right off his face!

This is how Jeff Cirillo looks when fans ask him for his autograph...rude ass!

After meeting him, I gave him the nickname Dickey, because of how obnoxious and downright rude he was!
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