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****MLB Dartboard****

The Place For Talking Smack About Those MLB Players You Just Love To Hate!

MLB Dartboard
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This site was created for the sole purpose of letting out angst when it comes to baseball and its players. You may talk smack about the players you can't stand whatsoever...list your reasons, post pictures, vent your frustrations, etc etc.

~Community Rules~

1. Please do not bash other fans in the community...doing so will have you banned faster than you could say "Ball Four!"

2. Pictures and lengthy posts must be put in an LJ cut. Please be courteous to your fellow community members by not clogging their Friends Pages with way-too-long posts!

3. Please refrain from trolling the community. I don't care for trolls and will have them put in their place if necessary!

4. You may promote this community in any you may have. I will promote yours in return, as an affiliate.

5. Have fun!

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