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More smack from the Smack Meistress

How about Rafael Palmeiro? He's a lying sad sack of a man who should've been forthright and honest from the get-go...but then I could say that about the King Of Perjury himself too, right???

Sydney Pondscum Ponson is another good one to add here and I am sure any Orioles fan would second this choice!

My friend Aaron would throw in the Boone Brothers if asked...I never had a problem with either of them, but hey, to each their own, right?

I even know someone who would add Ryan Klesko to the mix LOL I LIKE Klesko!

I just love to read everyone's answers and see the pix they post. We're all fans of different people and teams and we have baseball as our common thread...this community is like one big happy family :) I am sure we'll have our differences like a family too, but that's normal.

Happy Easter Everyone!
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