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Get Ready For More!

Bring on the bashing...bring on the 2007 MLB Season...I'm more than ready for it!

While we're at it, why is that ugly mug Barry Bonds back in the news again? Won't the media ever shut up about this tool? Apparently not, as we hear more and more about this juiced-up slimeball!

Seems the Diamondbacks FINALLY got smart and sent Randy Choate packing...there's hope for the team yet ;)

Mark McGwire didn't make it into the HOF...boohoo Big Mac! Seems his days of andro abuse were the reason for not getting in...the sportswriters were wise with this decision!

When it comes to owners, George Steinbrenner makes my dartboard just because he's a greedy old fart who thinks that playing dirty and cheating are the way to win a World Series and keep others out of contention. Sorry George, but I don't play that way!
Tags: barry bonds, dbacks/randy choate, george steinbrenner, mark mcgwire
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