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Drew Litton Agrees with me On Bonds

Drew Litton is a Sports Cartoonist For the Rocky Mountain News and He dose these daliy cartoon Commentary (or whatever you wanna call it), He Made one of Barry Bonds and I Soooooooooo Agree With It and what he says about Mr. "I Did Not Take any Drugs"

Here's what he says:

What I wish most for Spring Training is for Barry Bonds to just go away. As long as he continues his quest to break Hank Aarons home run record there can be no peace in Baseball. The game is at a crossroads, haunted by the past few seasons of Steroids stories. With Bonds in the limelight there is little hope to heal the wounds that steroids have inflicted on Americas pastime.

Of course, Bonds won't leave and so we a forced to endure his selfish pursuit of a record he has no right to own given the doubt and accusations and investigations that follows him. It is baseball's stickiest subject and one that makes good cartoon fodder.


Check out the rest of his Cartoons over at the Rocky Mountain News Online Click on Sports and Look for Win, Lose & Drew
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